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Joining a Garden Club

Joining a Garden Club You don't have to own a yard to be a gardener. Planting up a pot, even if it is not your own; is Gardening. If you love planting up containers, or digging in the soil with friends then joining a garden club is the best way to do it. If you have a green thumb and want to share what you've learned over the years, or even if you have a black thumb and want to learn how to grow beautiful flowers or trees. Joining a garden club is the best way to find encouragement, support and learn from fellow gardeners. If you have a desire to garden but no place to do it, then joining a garden club is perfect for you! The Crown Point Garden Club has garden beds throughout our Community that we take care of, as well as floral projects to take care of that urge to create a beautiful floral displays on Mothers Day. If you love planting gorgeous shrubs or flowers, or spending time outdoors with friends digging in the dirt, then you should join a garden club.
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