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July 22, 2019

Membership to Crown Point Garden Club

Joining a Garden Club is the best and fastest way to make friends with people of all ages and similar interests of being outdoors. If you want to learn more about gardening or want to share your love of flowers and shrubs then this is going to be the best way to do it!

We currently have 35 members of all ages ranging from 40 to 90. There is no hourly requirement you would need to meet to join the club. Everyone participates at their own level on our Civic Projects or Fundraisers. 

Currently we do 3 Fundraisers a year to help fund our gardening projects around the City of Crown Point. A Plant Sale, a Yard Sale, and a Mum Sale. For more information on these Fundraisers (Dates and times) please visit our Facebook Page and click on Events. 

Currently, our civic projects are:

The Pollinator Garden, The Covered Bridge Garden and the Courthouse Garden. 

The Pollinator Garden 

Located on the corners of Lake Street and Greenwood outside the fence of the Lake County Fairgrounds. It was placed here for the pure enjoyment of a huge spot of color while driving by the NW Corner of the Fairgrounds. See a picture below.

Crown Point Garden Club Pollinator Garden

Covered Bridge Garden

Located inside the Lake County Fairgrounds in the Northwest corner. This garden is enjoyed by Crown Point residents year round by families using the Fairgrounds for exercise, picnics, weddings and just for the pure enjoyment of being outside. See a picture below.

Covered Bridge Garden by Crown Point Garden Club

Courthouse Garden

This garden is located in historic downtown Crown Point Square. We take care of the beds located on the East side of the Courthouse framing either side of the stairs. See picture below.

Courthouse Garden Bed

Dues are $20 dollars annually, and are due by January 1st. You can fill out an application below or fill one out at a meeting on the 1st Thursday of each month at 

Franciscan Health Recreation Center at Bulldog Park
183 S. West Street, Second Floor
Crown Point, IN 46307